Lafer, Professor Emeritus

Celso Lafer and USP President Marco Antonio Zago, in a ceremony held at Sala São Paulo.

ERNANI COIMBRA / USPCelso Lafer and USP President Marco Antonio Zago, in a ceremony held at Sala São Paulo.ERNANI COIMBRA / USP

Celso Lafer, president of FAPESP and retired professor from the School of Law of the University of São Paulo (USP), received the title of USP professor emeritus from President Marco Antonio Zago at a ceremony held at Sala São Paulo on December 14, 2014. The event featured performances by the USP Symphonic Orchestra and the USP Chorus and marked conclusion of the commemorations of the 80th anniversary of the founding of the university. Lafer’s award had been approved by the University Council on June 20, 2012. “I have a close and longstanding relationship with USP, since it has been at the core of my career since I entered as a student in 1960,” Lafer said. He received his law degree in 1964, and did graduate work in political science at Cornell University, in the United States from 1967 to 1970. Upon returning to Brazil, he joined the school’s teaching staff. He became an associate professor of international law in 1977 and full professor of philosophy of law in 1988. He reached mandatory retirement age in 2011. “Celso Lafer represents the highest values of USP which, at the time of its founding in 1934, had already established as its primary purpose the transmission, through education, of knowledge that enriches or develops the human spirit, is useful in daily life, and has cultural value,” said Claudia Perrone Moisés, professor of the Department of International and Comparative law and coordinator of the Hannah Arendt Study Center, as she congratulated her former professor.