Edition 262 - December 2017
The results of university R&D expenditure
Edition 261 - November 2017
Young adults, education, and employment
Edition 260 - October 2017
International collaboration at public universities in São Paulo
Edition 259 - September 2017
Women in science
Edition 258 - August 2017
R&D expenditure
Edition 257 - July 2017
Edition 256 - June 2017
Training of Doctorates
Edition 255 - May 2017
Internationalization of scientific publications
Edition 254 - April 2017
Dramatic increase in number of engineers
Edition 253 - March 2017
Number of researchers
Edition 251 - January 2017
Program for International Student Assessment – PISA 2015
Edition 250 - December 2016
Fields of knowledge and scientific publications from Brazil
Edition 249 - November 2016
The science of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games
Edition 248 - October 2016
The debate about high school
Number of those entering university exceeds the number of those completing...
Edition 247 - September 2016
Home institution of PIPE project coordinators
Leading institutions for the academic training of program project personnel...
Edition 246 - August 2016
Global per capita doctoral degrees
Doctoral degrees awarded in Brazil and its states and in the United States...
Edition 245 - July 2016
Effectiveness of company R&D efforts in creating patentable ideas in the United States (Brazil and selected countries)
Effectiveness of company R&D efforts in creating patentable ideas in the...
Edition 244 - June 2016
Graduate coursework
Enrollments and degrees conferred in doctoral and master’s programs in...
Edition 243 - May 2016
Tertiary graduates
Percentage of age groups 25-34 years old and 55-64 years old in 2014 (or most...
Edition 242 - April 2016
Rate of expenditures in R&D (as a fraction of GDP)
Data from São Paulo, Brazil and Brazil excluding São Paulo – 2008-2013 ...
Edition 241 - March 2016
Women in science
Female research participation – world, regions and selected countries (2013...
Edition 237 - November 2015
International collaboration in publications by major fields
Percentage according to field of knowledge – world average, Brazil, São...
Edition 240 - February 2016
State commitments in R&D
Expenditures on Research & Development (R&D) as a percentage of state actual...
Edition 239 - January 2016
Funding request by fields of knowledge
Leading the number of proposals submitted and granted by FAPESP in recent...
Edition 238 - December 2015
Patents granted in Brazil
Number of awards according to country of first patent depositor – INPI,...
Edition 236 - October 2015
Education and Labor
Quality of education and work performance in selected countries (ranked by...
Edition 235 - September 2015
Relative impact and international collaboration
Documents*, percentage of documents with international collaboration,...
Edition 234 - August 2015
Graduates of PhD programs – 2013
Number of PhDs and programs (total and those assessed Capes grade 6 and 7)
Edition 233 - July 2015
Variation in the relative impact of citations according to field of knowledge
Variation in the relative impact of citations according to field of knowledge
Edition 232 - June 2015
Scientific publications and relative impact*
Brazil and São Paulo advance according to the number of publications, but...
Edition 231 - May 2015
Training for engineers in Brazil
Undergraduate engineering programs in Brazil: courses, incoming and...
Edition 230 - April 2015
Patents granted in the United States
Patents granted in the United States
Edition 229 - March 2015
R&D Expenditures in North American universities
R&D Expenditures in North American universities
Edition 228 - February 2015
The impact of science
Highly cited papers from 10 educational and research institutions in Brazil...
Edition 227 - January 2015
Academic gap
High school age-grade distortion rates according to administrative unit ...
Edition 226 - December 2014
Sources of funds
R&D Expenditures in São Paulo State in 2013
Edition 225 - November 2014
International Cooperation with Foreign Researchers
Ratio between international collaboration and impact of work by Brazilian...
Edition 224 - October 2014
Foreign post-docs in São Paulo (2005-2013)
Number of awards and percentage of total awards for postdoctoral scholarships...
Edition 223 - September 2014
Global research indicators
Relative impact of indexed publications and percentage of international...
Edition 222 - August 2014
Locations of researchers most cited by Brazilian authors
Number of citations in papers by Brazilian authors from 2005 to 2009, by...
Edition 221 - July 2014
State investments in R&D in 2012
States support of research-support foundations (FAPS), institutes and...
Edition 220 - June 2014
Performance of publications
Visibility of scientific articles, estimated by average number of citations,...
Edition 219 - May 2014
Where the Most Doctorates are Awarded
Number of doctorates awarded by country and field of knowledge
Edition 218 - April 2014
Below average performance (2012)
A profile of 15-year-old student performance in science (in percentage of...
Edition 217 - March 2014
Compared production 2007-2011
Scientific production by the 10 institutions with the highest number of...
Edition 216 - February 2014
Research funding
Success rate for proposals submitted to FAPESP and selected foreign agencies...
Edition 215 - January 2014
Impact and international co-authorship on articles by authors in Brazil, 1979-2013
Articles with international co-authors receive up to 3.6 times as many...
Edition 214 - December 2013
R&D Expenditures
R&D investments in the state of São Paulo and in Brazil from federal, state...
Edition 213 - November 2013
Web of Science articles
Documents of all kinds listed from the 24 state institutions having the...
Edition 212 - October 2013
Private investment
Percentage of university research and development (R&D) expenditures financed...
Edition 211 - September 2013
The 10 journals in which Brazilian authors were most often published (2002-2013)
The 10 journals in which Brazilian authors were most often published...
Edition 210 - August 2013
Brazilian Scientific Production
10 years of indexed science done in Brazil: results and impact
Edition 209 - July 2013
São Paulo patent deposits
Principal holders of patent filings from the state São Paulo with Brazilian...
Edition 208 - June 2013
Innovation in São Paulo and in Brazil
R&D business expenditures (% of regional GDP)
Edition 207 - May 2013
The weight of paper visibility
Comparative indices among Latin American universities based only on...
Edition 206 - April 2013
Hot papers
Articles most cited from the year they were published to date, from São Paulo
Edition 205 - March 2013
The 11 highest ranked
Brazilian universities in Latin America: comparative ranking and assessment...
Edition 204 - February 2013
R&D Investment
Expenditures in research and development using state resources (DEPD) and...
Edition 203 - January 2013
International collaborative efforts
Researcher status and incidence of international collaboration in published...
Edition 202 - December 2012
Brazil's ranking
Research topics (keywords) and respective scientific production (2007-2012)
Edition 201 - November 2012
Research at Brazilian companies
Domestic companies ranked among the world’s top 1,400 in investments in...
Edition 200 - October 2012
Teaching degrees
Teaching qualifications at universities in Brazil and in the state of São...
Edition 199 - September 2012
Brazil in the world
Number of articles, relative global impact and international co-authorship of...
Edition 198 - August 2012
Impact and knowledge
The H index and publication culture in areas and disciplines in Canada
Edition 197 - July 2012
Visibility Estimates
Relative impact of the work produced by the researchers in certain countries...
Edition 196 - June 2012
Most cited periodicals
The five journals with the highest impact factor (IF) in various countries
Edition 195 - May 2012
Hot papers, according to ISI
Hot papers are scientific texts that are cited far more than normal for a...
Edition 194 - April 2012
Volume and visibility
Indexed works from the 10 Brazilian universities with the largest volume of...
Edition 193 - March 2012
American protection
Patents granted by USPTO, from 2006 to 2010, according to the country of the...
Edition 192 - February 2012
International cooperation
Publications, relative position and percentage of studies with international...
Edition 191 - January 2012
Bioenergy and fuel ethanol
Patents granted by USPTo from 2001 to 2010 containing the terms bioenergy or...
Edition 190 - December 2011
The 35 main institutions with patent deposits in Brazil
The 35 main institutions with patent deposits in Brazil