FAPESP Week brings together researchers from Brazil and China
Warchavchik: Fraturas da vanguarda [Fractures of the avant-garde] | José Lira
A majestic marquis
Fourth volume about the military regime recounts crisis that led to the...
Book published in Portugal brings essays on colonial Brazil
A Bocage on the surface of the text
Articles re-evaluate the still updated thinking of Gilberto Freyre
The Past of The Future
Reissue brings wisdom from Gilda de Mello e Souza
Author of memoirs addresses the meanders of the training of physicians in...
Text by Schopenhauer presents his vision of the history of philosopher
Work shows Jewish immigration's contribution to Brazil
Researcher's work contributes towards the history of reading
Circus manifestations in the big cities are the object of a study
Study discusses the marks of Judaism on our literature
A study underlines the need for the management of Brazilian rivers
Essays bring a broad vision of arduously won conquests