ED. 101 | JULY 2004


Campaign for knowledge

Researchers mobilize themselves against draft law that restricts research with stem cells and power of the CTNBio

The challenge of competitiveness

The navy requests BNDES resources in order to improve its uranium enrichment technology

The victory of competence

PIPE, the pioneering program in the country for the support of technological innovation, hits the mark of 330 projects.


Filling in the gaps

Brazilians create a genomic research strategy and complete the sequencing of 211 human genes

The virus spreaders

Identified the wild rodents that are spreading the viruses of the epidemic that has recently arrived in the Federal District

Fifth state of matter

Team from São Carlos believes it has created a Bose-Einstein Condensation, with almost stationary atoms

The faces of the Amazon

Dry ground forests and waterlogged stretches behave differently


Cellulose on the skin

Bacterium produces substance used for treating burns and in the coating of bulletproof vests

Early diagnosis

New tests help with the prevention of hereditary diseases and with the control of opportunist infections

Naturally Decaffeinated

Brazilian researchers discover mutant coffee plants without any stimulating substance

Connection in the right measure

Company gains a market by developing components for transmissions via optical fiber

Crystalline Light

Researchers develop prototype of a compact laser for wide commercial use


Vietnam was here

Brazilian press used wars in Asia to talk about internal conflicts

Long live the Alternative Society

Collection brings a revival of the French anthropologists who worked in South America, in particular Pierre Clastres

Memory as a mission

Thesis analyzes the relationship between past and present in the plays by Jorge Andrade