ED. 103 | SEPTEMBER 2004


Flights of an entrepreneur

Scientific director will leave FAPESP to create a new project in the private sector

Diagnosis over a network

National Cancer Institute creates tumor bank

Tastier beverage

Coffee Genome Program opens database to researchers

Benefits measured

Ibero-American partnership is going to assess the social impact of new technologies


Of genes and dwarf plants

Genome of the bacterium provides clues on ratoon stunting disease in sugarcane

Encyclopedia of genomics

A 1,200 page work, written by a hundred scientists from Brazil, is a landmark on the theme

The physicist of biology

Francis Crick, one of the discoverers of the structure of DNA and of the genetic code, explored to the maximum the freedom for doing science

Fire against fire

Controlled burning in the Amazon seeks to understand impact on fauna and flora

Forest guard

Inpe tests new satellites for fighting burning in the Amazon


Bull's eye for the ostrich

Breeding an African bird in Brazil gains a DNA test and software for managing the business

Structures without secrets

System developed by Embrapa helps to understand the functions of proteins

Electricity from hydrogen

Small company produces fuel cell to run household electronic equipment

Natural archives

Bank of extracts from Brazilian plants is going to help in the search for new medicines


Floods: the waters find ways out

Projects for recovering green areas and the porosity of the soil alleviate the impact of the rains

The invention of indolence

Thesis that denounces the racism built into the myth of sloth in the state of Bahia is going to come out in a book

The empire of the senses

Research reveals how the political dimension of prophecies helped Portugal to create its identity

Portraitist of Brazil

The many faces of the country present in the cinematography of director Humberto Mauro