ED. 106 | DECEMBER 2004


The tranquil succession

Governor Geraldo Alckmin quickly appointed the Foundation's new executives

Sacrifice rewarded

Foundation reconstitutes net worth and reestablishes financial health

On the radio waves

Partnership between Pesquisa FAPESP and Eldorado radio station takes listeners the best of national science

Green capitalism

Conservation actions will only bear fruit with a long term view of profit


Nature under a new look

At the age of five, the Biota program is consolidating data about fauna and flora and investing in environmental education

Clean-up of the arteries

Compound developed in Rio Grande do Sul dissolves plaques that obstruct blood vessels


Enzyme reduces the loss of healthy cells exposed to ultraviolet radiation

The little homeland in soccer shoes

Only three degrees of separation are interposed between all Brazilian players, whether stars or duffers


Light in the right dose

New generation of optical fibers opens up room for increasing the capacity of the telecommunications networks and brings novelties to medicine

State of resistance

Use of plasma expands the useful life of orthopedic prostheses and industrial tools

Secrets of sweetness

Study intends to identify the genes responsible for the sucrose in sugarcane


From theory to practice

The history of Mário de Andrade's Culture Department

Faded fantasy

Death of Celso Furtado, at the age of 84, brings back the question of the problems of national underdevelopment