ED. 108 | FEBRUARY 2005


A climate of uncertainty

The Kyoto Protocol comes into force some eight years behind schedule

Sponsoring excellence

Impa widens its commitments and creates chairs paid for by businessmen

Initial Capital

Twenty PIPE companies prepare to take their projects to the market


Salt in excess

Goiter has ended. Now the problem is an exaggerated consumption of iodine

Sugar for diabetics

A component of the cellular wall of a grass facilitates the absorption of glucose

The Jewels of Saturn

Images from the Cassini probe suggests the existence of four new moons and confirm the theoretical model that explains errors in the rings

Tolerance to the cocktail

One third of those infected with HIV in São Paulo show some resistance to the anti-Aids drugs

Night in the arid outback

Botanists from Pernambuco State throw light on the peculiarities of pollination in the Caatinga

Tsunami - Effect at a distance

The energy released by the Asian earthquake may well set off other strong tremors throughout the planet


Inside the rain clouds

A new hydro-meteorological system is going to forecast rain with up to threehours of anticipation

Rewarding effort

Companies that innovate and differentiate their products export more and with higher prices than their competitors

Portrait from the past

Studies concerning the past temperature of the earth?s surface help in discovering minerals

The ages of the earth

A network is going to spur study on the dating of rocks and the possibility of finding oil fields

Precision hearing

Equipment for hearing tests gains a more efficient calibration system


Annoying neighborliness

Study compares the histories and rivalries of Brazil and Argentina

In the darkness of cinematography

Brazilian film industry was always trailing behind the foreign ones

Reading was a sensation

Brazil once had a large publishing market, with popular books that sold millions of copies