ED. 112 | JUNE 2005


The waters are going to roll

Transposition of the River São Francisco divides opinions and stirs up polemics between government and researchers

Vanguard diagnosis in all corners

Government is to create a company to expand the national production of radiopharmaceuticals


Dr Bacchus prescribes

Studies suggest that wine compounds increase longevity

Survivors of El Niño

Warming of the waters of the Pacific puts the populations of fur seals off the coast of Peru in a critical situation

Inhabitants of the grains of sand

Biologists discover 13 species of invertebrates that live in marine sediments

Three steps forward

Physicists from Minas and Sao Paulo improve data handling and transmission in quantum computers


Memory in glass

Innovative material will store digital data in 3-dimensions

Back to its origins

New processes simplify the cleaning and recovery of disposable plastic bottles

Lights on the past

Sophisticated analysis techniques reveal writing from papyruses and deteriorated documents

Fuel in ceramics

Researchers from Ipen develop equipment that transforms hydrogen into electricity

School program

Software teaches students to plan the manufacture of industrial parts


The authoritarian currency

Project discusses the delicate relationship between the authority of the Central Bank and politics

Size matters

Survey shows that that high interest rates only benefit the financial system

The beau of the tropics

The effort of Manuel Araújo Porto-Alegre to civilize the nation with culture

The school that made the city

Books dimensions importance of the Polytechnic in the S