ED. 115 | SEPTEMBER 2005


Close Ties

Microsoft expands cooperation with Brazilian researchers and is now even talking of creating a large laboratory in the country

Orchestra rehearsal

States of the Southeast coordinate a common agenda for development


The rainbow of the marmoset and tamarins

The behavior of Brazilian monkeys indicates the existence of four-color vision standards

From the Glory Bush tree to the Queen Palm

The size of the genome of 100 Brazilian trees varies by up to a factor of twenty

A delicate bridge

Electrons can change their behavior in nanowire connections

The first signs of alert

Gene action sheds light on the origin and indicates the evolution of tumors

Exact address

In Texas, Brazilian researchers create technology for killing the cells of prostrate, breast and lung cancers

To occupy, resist and conquer

A team from Minas Gerais State observes how prions infect neurons

Anticipated death

Virologists discover how the agent that causes yellow fever destroys liver cells


New vaccine against rabies

The Butantan Institute creates a safer, cheaper and more efficient alternative for use in human beings

Valuable wood

The planting and exploration of pinewoods opens up new markets and reduces the extraction of native species

Health supplement

Company develops an organic mineral complex using the proteins present in yeast

Beautifully dull

A new additive mixed in with synthetic rubber guarantees more beautiful footwear soles


The other side of fortune

Studies try to understand what makes a rich man rich

Fascist Fascination

Film by Leni Riefenstahl helped to construct the Nazi imagery with its images of happiness

Tell Another

The book of the thousand and one nights gains a direct translation from the Arabic