ED. 117 | NOVEMBER 2005


Recognized merit

The CNPq selects 34 projects for the Millennium Institutes program

Waiting for results

The regulations decree puts into effect the Innovation Law

Coveted organization chart

Conflicting interests spice up the reform in the Table of Knowledge Areas

The polemic article

In a unilateral manner, the magazine cancelled the work of the Brazilians concerning Chagas' disease

Beasts of the Pampas (praires)

Artists reconstruct the pre-historical fauna that inhabited Rio Grande do Sul 200 million years ago


The impact of horror

A study gives dimension to the tension generated by violent images

False majesty

Genes explain the mystery of the queen bees that cannot reproduce

A zoological garden in the bed

Hundreds of thousands of bed bugs spread through mattresses and bring about asthma and rhinitis crises

The Earth covered with ice

Some 630 million years ago, the Amazon was a desert lying below an icecap

In the rising of bubbles

Brazilian and French researchers show that champagne bubbles in four distinct manners


A factory of mice

Transgenic rodents produce the protein responsible for blood coagulation

Guaranteed Balance

A new treatment for prostheses results in less wear and tear

Sparkling whiteness

Partnership between a university and company makes the production of a new pigment for the paints industry possible

Plastic from the buriti palm

Oil from the palm tree mixed with a polymer produces a material capable of absorbing and emitting light

Weather radar

São Paulo company develops and is going to manufacture novel meteorological equipment in Brazil


Between two hearts and worlds

A book analyzes the work of the composer Nazareth, author of "Brejeiro", who joined the erudite and the popular at the turn of the 20th century

A woman in the world of men

Studies of the female body place in check old gender notions

Has the nation hung up its soccer shoes?

In Brazil, football is something serious, seen by specialists as a paradigm of globalization