ED. 118 | DECEMBER 2005


The world after Kyoto

Specialists foresee more demands for Brazil to control its carbon dioxide emissions

Biodiesel is ours

For the winner of the Nobel in Chemistry, Brazil needs partners to maintain the leadership in renewable fuels

The Club of excellence

International Rankings provide evidence on the performance of the four best Brazilian universities

Rector Suely

The first woman to command USP, a pharmaceutical professor, wants to strengthen undergraduate courses


Reproduction demystified

The identification of the nuclear region of Trypanosoma cruzi could well facilitate combating Chagas' disease

Diagnostic in the form of light

The use of a laser helps to tell healthy tissue from the ones altered by cancer

Virus hunters

A team of researchers goes to the Amazon to watch for the entrance of emergent diseases

Vulnerable predators

A plan proposes strategies to save the rays and sharks of the Brazilian coastline

The great magnet of the Milky Way

The gravitational force of a huge structure located 500 million light years awaypulls our galaxy in its direction

The long wings of neurons

The quantity and efficiency of connections essentially depends on the shape of the nerve cells


The artemisinin therapy

A medicine against malaria derived from the Chinese plant will be produced in Brazil

Associated scientists

A group of professionals unite in forming a small and innovative company in the entrepreneurial manner

Doped fiber

A company dominates the process of manufacturing optical equipment that amplifies a light signal


Far from God, close to the USA

A study by Moniz Bandeira dissects the formation of the American empire

Decipher me or I'll devour you

What is hidden behind the magazine covers and the leading pages of newspapers

The theater and the invention of the star

A researcher investigates how and why the modernization of the Brazilian stage, starting from the decade of the 1940's, opened up space for the consecration of great actresses