ED. 120 | FEBRUARY 2006


It was all a lie

False research results oblige Science to retract and reopen debate on science and ethics

Preventing before remedying

Butantan Institute starts testing with vaccine against the bird flu

Time for planting

Finep selects managers for seed capital funds

The size of the blanket

Creation of new federal universities stirs up debate about the government's capacity for expanding a system with teaching and research


Warning against constant infections

Genetic alterations can cause immunodeficiencies mistaken for diseases that are common in childhood

Scenes of a parasite

Brazilian biophysician discovers in Paris how the malaria protozoon spreads through the body

Double attack

Association of chemotherapy and adult stem cells helps to control juvenile diabetes

Extra energy under the skin

Component of bile activates chain of chemical reactions in the muscles that prevents obesity

Life amongst dry leaves

Biologists identify behavioral standards of ants from the Atlantic Rain Forest

Particle shock

Experiments in USP's accelerator reveal behavior of exotic nucleuses

Complex genesis

Two distinct but not excludent processes may originate elliptical galaxies


Perfume of basil

First batch of linalool extracted from the leaves of the plant, the coveted essential oil, is purchased by Canada

Van Dyck - false or authentic?

Physicists from USP try to discover whether painting that shows the Calvary of Jesus really is by the 17th century master of portraits


Peaceful citizen

Disbelief in institutions, generated by current political crisis, calls for discussion on our citizenship

Hey, gimme a dime

The short crossing from the Welfare State to the distribution of crumbs

The beautiful cardinales

Thesis analyzes song by Bahian singer and identifies close association of his work with sacred symbols of diverse natures