ED. 123 | MAY 2006


Immature system

Brazilian universities occupy the space that should belong to companies in the ranking of patents

With feet a long way off the ground

The voyage of the Brazilian astronaut will have scant influence on the development of the country's technology

Contemporary Library

FAP-Books releases funds for the purchase of 130 thousand titles


Children: for a long and healthy life

Preventing chronic diseases may make it possible for boys and girls to reach the age of a 100 with good health

The tribes of the world

Team from Minas Gerais uses news markers to group the populations of the planet

Drumbeats in the head

Team from FMUSP associates severe high pressure to the compression of a region of the brain by an artery

Power among monkeys

Social disputes and the capacity to track through the environment in search of food, molded the brain of primates

Skin as food

Offspring of the caecilian amphibians feed on the secretion and skin of their mother

The serpent's paws

Fossil found in Argentina strengthens the hypothesis on the terrestrial origin of snakes

The phantoms of photons

Brazilian researchers measure the entanglement of light particles, an important step in research towards the quantum computer


Medicines for export

Projects developed at Unicamp will be presented by Inova in the United States

Help from the sky

Unmanned aircraft can be used to increase the productivity of the country's crops

Consumer Dream

Mini clothes washer can be carried in the car and hung from the ceiling or on the wall

Superconducting tracks

Film produced with ceramic compound prevents electricity losses

Flexible hard disk

Manganese-based ceramics may become conductors of electricity and improve the functioning of computers


Specters of the military dictatorship

Recent episodes oblige academics to rethink the role of the military

The battle of the plants

Ayahuasca religions may indicate a way towards a good war against drugs