ED. 124 | JUNE 2006


The structure surrounding the brain

The CInAPCe Program promotes an unprecedented partnership or the mapping of epilepsy

Insurance against theft

The government discloses ut a list of 3,000 Brazilian vegetal species in order to avoid the misappropriation of their names abroad

The rule of the closed field

A national law obstructs the collection of biological samples and paralyzes research

To publish is not everything

An article proposes a qualitative method for evaluating researcher's performances


Intense doubt

Nobody knows if it really is adult stem cells that work in related cases of success

Darwin versus Adam

Advance of creationism mobilizes a scientist in defense of the Theory of Evolution

Music in the marshes

Frogs, toads and tree frogs exhibit 70 calls and 29 of sexual reproduction

Mountains of history

Rocks of up to 250 million years old tell us about the formation of Brazil and the movements of the earth's crust

Ghosts under the earth

Detectors accompany the disappearance of the most abundant particles in the Universe


Programmed Lives

Projects seek to improve the traffic for users of collective transport

Efficiency in the field

Company develops equipment that controls the cutting of sugarcane better and makes it possible to spray and irrigate other crops with greater precision

Soybeans in the refinery

Petrobras's research center develops technique for using vegetable oil in the production of diesel

The cure from poison

Toxin of the urutu pit viper acts as a cicatrizant and in the formation of the blood vessels

Brazilian precision

A new atomic clock capable of going slow only one second in millions of years is developed in Brazil


Punishment and crime

Study from USP reveals that recent violence of the PCC has old roots

Piped gas

Crisis between Brazil and Bolivia has more geopolitical reasons than economic ones


Exhibition in São Paulo shows little known talent of the inventor

Seeing is Relative

Displays in São Paulo and in Switzerland recall Einstein's "miraculous year"