ED. 125 | JULY 2006


Embarrassments and skirmishes

Action by environmentalists and public attorneys agitate the CTNBio and open up a crisis with researchers

A monitored stroll in the park

A new system evaluates and guards against environmental impact in parks


Maternal inheritance

The mechanism of the transfer of the mother's bacteria to the offspring of insects is helping stem cell research and the treatment of tropical illnesses

Men in the spotlight

More attention to masculine sexual health could help to contain the dissemination of a virus linked to uterus cancer

Diet on the tips of the fingers

An analysis of nails shows how nutrition can vary

Invisible communities

The surface of a single leaf can house more than 600 species of bacteria

Wild life in the Metropolis

The city of Sao Paulo houses 433 species of wild animals, from thrushes to red howler monkeys

The South American super wetlands

Some 10 million years ago water logged flatlands occupied one third of South America


Vegetable intelligence

Genetically modified sugarcane has insecticide property only when attacked by an insect

Knowledge & opportunity

Researchers set up a company that uses metallic powders for the production of industrial filters

Fun approach

Schools and cities adopt software for children with special learning difficulties

Diet capsule

Animal feeding monitored by an inert chemical substance brings benefits to cattle rearing


Separated at birth

In spite of the desire of some, PT and PSDB seem destined to follow different paths

Blood and sand

To study the ancient gladiators helps in understanding our current society

Good chinese business

The Asian country could take the place that Brazil had saved for itself in the globalized world