ED. 126 | AUGUST 2006


Shared knowledge

With the unprecedented total of 6 million monthly accesses, the SciELO library is going to study its user profile

Yet another step

Scientific production grows and Brazil is already responsible for 1.8% of the articles published in the world

The metropolis begins to breathe

Control of pollutants emission saves lives in Sao Paulo

Students Wanted

Brazil gets on the map of Harvard and Yale universities, who are recruiting students in the country

At the head of the news

José Hamilton Ribeiro wins the prestigious award in journalism from Columbia University


The long wait

The chance of receiving a liver transplant is dropping each year

Dining table à la Brasileira

A laboratories network analyzes the composition of 500 foods that integrate into the national menu

Selected coffee

The manipulation of the genes that control sugars could improve Brazilian coffee

Beyond the stars

Light and shock waves warm up clouds that concentrate material formed by protons and neutrons


Energy reform

The alternatives to supply hydrogen to future vehicles and electrical energy generators

In flight impact

A study helps to forecast the resistance limit of an airplane?s fuselage on impacting with foreign objects

Robust image

After the choice of the Japanese model, now it?s the time of innovations

Beautiful, smooth and impermeable

São Paulo company develops a new material that substitutes granite, marble and stainless steel with advantages


Who has power over the fourth power?

Blogs demystify journalism and dictate the news

In the shadow of the past

The 125th anniversary of the birth of Stefan Zweig is a good moment to remember the 64 years of Brazil, the country of the future

The design of an era

Events and books show the growing concern in understanding the visual conception of graphic arts in Brazil