ED. 128 | OCTOBER 2006


Foundation stone

Federal government launches program that offers R$ 450 million in non-reimbursable funds for innovative companies

To disseminate knowledge

FAPESP gives up being owner of the patents generated by research projects

Buffer Zone

Study that proposed a protection zone for the Cantareira Park inspires a bill

Flight plan

Support from the municipal government and from Embraer speeds up project in São José dos Campos


The broom swept

Simple techniques show how to recover the cacao plantations

Like a dagger

Poison from the sting of a river stingray causes pain, swelling and necrosis

More attention to the female heart

Majority of physicians do not alert women to the risk of a heart attack, even though mortality is close to that in men

Fleeting recollections

Mice with a genetic alteration suffer from loss of memory similar to that with Alzheimer's

Echoes of gravity

The Brazilian gravitational wave detector begins to function


Cachaça revealed

Studies increase knowledge about the drink and contribute to its quality

Exaggerated reaction

An innovative diagnostic kit monitors the evolution of respiratory allergy

Biotechnology hopes

A company prepares immunotherapy for cancer treatment and a vaccine against ticks


Between Virtue and Fortune

How to analyze political ethics without getting lost in moralism

The exorcism of the Internet

Psychologists and lawyers advocate moderation in criticisms of the web and say that the virtual media merely exteriorizes disorders of the real world

A tropical Lady Macbeth

Letters from Dona Leopoldina reveal a political organizer who hated democracy