ED. 129 | NOVEMBER 2006


Within the reach of all

Free access to scientific articles gains ground and changes the strategy of publishing houses

The emotion of discovery

Research, Innovation and Diffusion Centers, such as the Science Station, are gaining resources and visitors

Al Gore's crusade

A film by the ex-Vice-President of the United States abuses political marketing in order to convert skeptics to the defense of the environment


Smoke screen

São Paulo, Mexico City and Santiago would save US$ 165 billion spent on medical treatment if they were to improve the quality of the air

Master in disguises

Genetic variability makes it possible for the Plasmodium to dribble past the defenses of the human organism

Imperiled sanctuaries

The analysis of pollens and tectonic movements question the theory about the isolation of plants and animals

The forbidden city

Brazilian teams collaborate in the effort to bring together the physics of the infinitely small to that of the infinitely large

Foot on the accelerator

Participation in future CERN experiments should improve the formation of Brazilian physicists and benefit industry


Very Brazilian

Embrapa intensifies studies with breeds that have arisen in Brazil and form a rich genetic heritage

Propolis against cancer

Synthetic compounds inspired on the resin from bees are effective in the treatment of tumors

No barriers to breathing

Intraoral plate is an alternative for preventing snoring and improving sleep

Light and image

System developed by small business makes it possible to carry out several skin examinations in a single environment

Technical aid

For seven years now, an IPT program has been attending to micro and small companies


The Bones of the Baron

External politics is today a reason for heated and serious discussion

Concrete obsession

Now dead for three years, the poet and essayist Sebasti