ED. 131 | JANUARY 2007


Revolution in the classroom

Government defines by April which will be the model of laptop intended for pupils at public schools

Complex equation

Recipe for entering the knowledge society has more ingredients than one imagines, according to a European report

Partnership in (dis)harmony

Seminar evaluates legislation and demands new paradigms for research

Time to replant

São Paulo prepares new regulations for the reforestation of degraded areas


Magnetism against depression

An experimental technique shows itself to be efficient in the treatment of severe psychiatric disorders

Bodies under pressure

Gymnasts and actresses suffer from the same dramas as models

Risky journey

Macho culture of truck drivers contributes towards disseminating Aids virus

The dance of the metals

Observed for the first time on the smallest scale possible, an alloy of gold and silver reveals unexpected behavior of the atoms

The GDP from the clouds

Mathematical model analyzes the impacts of the climate changes on economic growth


Very special antibodies

Substances produced by a Brazilian company will facilitate the production of new medicines

Advances with the fuel cell

Ipen develops equipment that generates electricity with ethanol

More free time

A machine for ironing clothes intends to retire the steam iron


The "h" of Bahianity

Contrary to common sense, Antonio Carlos Magalhães would represent the elite's conservative zeal to modernize the State of Bahia

"Where do these people come from?"

Studies reiterate that Brazilian invisible inequality will not be resolved only through the country's economic growth

Outsourced children

Changes in the traditional concept of the family are generating a crisis in infant-juvenile education