ED. 133 | MARCH 2007


The resumption of Angra 3

Government wants to expand share of nuclear power in the Brazilian energy matrix

Cellulose alcohol

Bagasse and sugarcane straw are quoted to increase the production of ethanol

Science's new geography

Scientists from seven countries want to encourage partnerships in Latin America

Science with a social mission

A plan for the implantation of 11 institutions along similar lines follows the inauguration of the Natal Neuroscience Institute

Shared responsibility

Secretary for Development plans to create a development agency to support innovation in São Paulo


From slave to master

RNA molecule takes over the place of DNA as a promise for fighting diseases

The apothecary from the Caatinga

Frog produces secretion rich in compounds capable of eliminate bacteria and bring blood pressure down

The day after tomorrow

Researchers unite to investigate the effects of global warning on Brazil

The alphabet of vision

Brazilian team identifies pattern of the electrical signals that conduct the information from the eyes to the brain of flies


Innovative cooperation

Millennium Factory Institute draws together research institutions and manufacturing industries

Science in companies

Papers from private companies collaborate towards disseminating scientific and technological knowledge

Sweet genetics

Functional map of sugarcane genes is going to help to form more productive varieties

Biofactory in the backlands

Sterile males combat fruit flies, which cause exporters serious losses


The stone in the middle of the path

Or how adolescence "swallows" the planet's adults

The nostalgic Bossa Nova

A wave of nostalgia about Rio de Janeiro, which should increase with the Pan 2007 Games, idealizes an era

The day on which Hitler cried

The terrible consequences of the dictator's hysterical blindness during the First World War