ED. 134 | APRIL 2007


Digital inclusion

FAPESP and Microsoft Research create a Virtual Instituteto develop new technologies

A promising flirt

Brazil and Canada sign an intentions protocol in the area of S&T, the first step towards a formal agreement

Internet academies

Brazil is well placed in the ranking of universities that know how to disclose their production on the web

It is up to the companies now

Iberian-American meeting evaluates the performance of scientific and innovative development

Transformation Champions

The index in the magazine Inovação (Innovation) will highlight the leading companies of Brazilian industry


The DNA of the Pampas (grassy plains)

As well as the Spanish, Guarani and Charrua Indians are among the Gaucho's ancestors

Another use

A new mechanism through which vitamin C combats free radicals is identified

Double risk Pregnancy

Marijuana harms the neurological development of newly born children

The stressed forest

Researchers evaluate the effects of the 2005 drought in Amazonia

Life in the mud

The mangrove swamp crab and its traditional hunter depend on each other for survival

Creativity in chaos

An award conceded to a Brazilian researcher reveals successes in the building of an innovative theory about dynamic systems


Biodiesel in ascension

What is missing for this oil to establish itself as a national biofuel

Residue becomes steel

Recovered sludge returns to the CSN production process

Optical innovation

Filters rescue the possible commercial application of the chromium laser

Light web

New X-ray production technique could help to unravel the 3-dimensional structure of proteins

Laser in the factories

Optical fiber guided light animates industrial use

Revolution on the horizon

A possible substitute for silicon in a new generation of computer chips has come forward


Between the Cross and The Cauldron

How the relationship between the Vatican and the Brazilian Church developed

Backlands called Brazil

On the centenary of the Rondon Commission, the country still suffers from the same ailments

The subversive who invented cinematography criticism

Author of the praised novel and the unpublished work Cemitério [Cemetery], which will come out by June, Paulo Emilio Salles Gomes will have his complete works published and is the theme of a master's thesis at USP