ED. 135 | MAY 2007


At the cutting edge of knowledge

Partnership with Microsoft Research brings about a new support model for basic research

Research and Innovation Inc.

Embrapa and private enterprise want to create a technology firm for ethanol

A well-meaning law

Carlos Américo Pacheco evaluates the effects of the Innovation Law

Consolidated budget

Ministry of Science and Technology to increase grants in strategic areas

When does life begin?

Brazil's Federal Supreme Court had 22 experts convene before voting on a motion against the use of embryo stem cells


Interrupted nights

Inflammation temporarily blocks production of the hormone that tells the body that it's time to sleep

With sticks and stones

Capuchin monkey uses tools to break open fruit or hunt ants

New model

Mutant tomato plants help unveil the genes and hormones that regulate the lives of plants

Moving sculptures

Computer simulations explain how the giant dunes on Mars emerge and evolve


Advantageous fermentation

The use of new types of yeast may reduce the production costs in sugar and alcohol refineries

Lethal symbiosis

Biological insecticide uses a partnership between bacteria and nematodes to fight sugarcane pest

Intelligent paint

Researchers use nanotechnology to create a pigment that changes color

Hypersonic wind

A tunnel to test airplanes that are much faster than the speed of sound

Rapid decomposition

Researchers develop a recycled polymer made from PET that is not harmful to the environment


What's life like without dragons?

The last book in the Harry Potter series is a good reason to discuss the current desire for enchantment

The citizen who smelled like a king

Profiles show that Pedro II was more interested in the essence than the appearance of power

The Internet in schools

Taking the worldwide web into the classroom and vice-versa is still an economic and strategic challenge for educators and governments.