ED. 137 | JULY 2007


Information in a laser beam

FAPESP and Padtec search for innovative telecom solutions

A history of glass and light

Since the first optical fiber was lain in the country in 1977, its network has expanded and now covers 1 million km.

Passport to foreign markets

PIPE celebrates 10th anniversary and is strengthened for phase 3

Warehouse of Ideas

Partnership takes transcriptions of the Roda Viva talk show to the Internet


Slow convalescence

Seventy years is the minimum amount of time needed to restore forest biomass

The risk of scarcity

Researchers from six countries are working on new technologies to manage water

A hard legacy

The development of children of schizophrenics is impaired, even when they do not inherit the illness

Genetic Apartheid

Segregationist racial classification hampered miscegenation in the United States

Empty beehives

Mysterious syndrome wipes out bees in Europe and North America

Live compasses

Lagoon in Rio de Janeiro is home to magnetic bacteria made up of a number of cells

The Sun that protects us

Study identifies a type of magnetic bubble that surrounds our Solar System


Microchip plant

The production of integrated circuits in Porto Alegre and seven design houses have started transforming the Brazilian micro-electronics industry

Plunging into the invisible universe

The particle accelerator is now ten years old, the amount of equipment is on the rise and partnerships with companies are expanding

Death by dehydration

Soybean oil and saccharose-based biopesticide eliminate agricultural pests

Neurological reagent

Butantan signs antibody patent licensing agreement with Millipore

United against cancer

Company and institute inaugurate Monoclonal Antibodies Laboratory


Is there an audience for a public TV channel?

This month the government defines the establishment of new television network

I'm a man, sonny, and what a man

New issues place contemporary masculinity in check

With no ideas in mind and a gun in hand

Lampião knew how to use his image to create an immortal myth

Between God and the Devil in the land of the sun

New edition of Brasil em tempo de cinema [Brasil in the time of cinema], by Jean-Claude Bernardet, confirms the title as being a classic and preserves the importance of critical appraisal in the New Cinema