ED. 138 | AUGUST 2007


Increased vitality

Academic production in the country beats its record, even though its impact is not yet great

A Rouanet law for research

Science and technology to be the object of new tax breaks

Inputs for growth

São Paulo state development agency may get as much as R$ 1 billion to provide support for small and medium-sized companies

Cellulose ethanol

Foundation and company earmark R$ 100 million for the study of industrial processes


Ready to take action

The English know what to do to fight global warming

At the bottom of the lake

Methane in hydroelectric power stations can generate further energy

Against asthma

Proteins from the worm that causes schistomiasis may help control inflammation of the respiratory tract

Where does the sand on our beaches come from?

Radioactive chemical elements tell the story of the formation of Brazil's south eastern beaches

Stone leaves

Twenty nine million years ago giant ferns dominated the landscape where the state of Tocantins is today

A finely-tuned orchestra without a conductor

An integrated approach to the functioning of the organism places in check the sovereignty of genes


A privileged view

The Brazilians and the Chinese are getting ready to launch the third satellite in the CBERS program.

Impulsive response

Software that analyzes the acoustics of concert halls is available on the Internet

Academic platform

Instituto Stela develops systems in the fields of health, education, and the environment

Powerful disinfectant

Cleaning system for endoscopes will also have applications in the agriculture and the food industries


Affording luxury is a luxury

The market for high-end consumer products in Brazil has not stopped growing

The police under the surveillance by the law

In spite of boycotts by some authorities, ombudsmen have made some progress

Profession: Ambiguity

Study reveals complexity of the identity of low-income transvestites