ED. 139 | SEPTEMBER 2007


A rocky path

Lack of information jeopardizes firms' investments in innovation

The age of reason

The fruit of Biota-FAPESP are shared among universities and become perennial

The submarine that provides light

Program to receive R$ 1 billion for reactor, which will also be able to generate power


Green Winds

Stimulating production can be coupled with carbon credits, in order to avoid economic stagnation

The cellular postman

Protein from the rattlesnake's poison penetrates cells in the process of dividing and shows potential as a conveyor of medication and as an anti-tumoral agent

Posthumous memoirs

Insects in cadavers contain information that helps to explain mysterious deaths

The power of nymphs

Bromeliads are crucial to the functioning of the northeastern Mata Atlântica coastal rain forest and help to provide guidelines for its preservation

The origin of Zuzu

Skull from Piauí strengthens the idea that physically distinct human groups occupied South America ten thousand years ago


The LED revolution

Researchers from São Carlos are developing equipment using light-emitting diodes

Experiments on the net

The Internet of the future is object of research studies

Climbing the ladder to success

After the anti-bacterial ointment for treating burns, Silvestre Labs makes biomaterial for bone replacement


Who supervises the supervisors?

The TAM tragedy fuels the debate on regulatory agencies

The battle against consumption by children

Children have become a direct target for all kinds of products

The virtue of simplicity

Books portray the wealth of the architectural ideas of Paulo Mendes da Rocha

Struggling against the weight of the past

New talents should take the lead in Latin American cinema