ED. 140 | OCTOBER 2007


Boiling Point

Articulated action between the government, production sectors and research propels Piracicaba into the world market for ethanol

Knowledge Platform

Over 40 years, Bireme has advanced from medical library to benchmark reference in the field of scientific information management

A foreign minister as FAPESP president

Former minister Celso Lafer took office on September 26


Climate snapshots

Oceanographer reviews studies and discussions about global warming from a half century ago

Notes and recollections

The art of working together

European groups work together to integrate research and save time in the search for new cancer and Aids treatments

The remains of the day

A study shows the stages of sleep in which the brain stores experiences and recollections

At the top of the mountain

Rise of the Andes explains the diversity of parrots in South America

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Some 245 million years ago a meteorite caused a crater 40 km across on the current border between Mato Grosso and Goiás


Powerful Duet

Fly enzyme produced in yeast fights harmful bacteria in the manufacture of fuel alcohol

More productive seeds

Magnetic resonance measures the concentration and quality of oilseeds for producing biodiesel

Silicon in agriculture

Mineral is used to control pests and increase the productivity and quality of agricultural products

Smart Shower

Company from Minas Gerais develops a system for recovering heat from bath water

Origin unveiled

Company creates software that makes paternity tests more accurate


From "feijoada" to "chucrute"

Created according to the original model, the Nazi Party in Brazil "went soft, taking on a more Brazilian and tropical attitude", says researcher

History taught by students

On UNE's 70th anniversary, a, study reveals the role of the student movement

The (in)digestion of Tropicalism

Movement led by Caetano and Gil turns forty and still raises controversy