ED. 141 | NOVEMBER 2007


Group innovation

Institutions from the Northeast join up to take out patents and share experiences

Holes in the network

Conference in Lisbon discusses the challenge of preventing fraud in research carried out with international cooperation

Knowledge in our daily lives

Among the 2007 prize winners there is research of great practical application

2007 IgNobel winners

The prizes recognize research that “first make people laugh and then make them think”, in accordance with the award organizer

Main author

A physicist living in Brazil co-authored the experiments that led a Frenchman to win a Nobel prize

Scientists' peace

IPCC, the UN's panel on climate change, with its participating Brazilian scientists, shares the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore


From branch to branch

Natural selection aided diversification by size and generated a variety of monkeys in Latin America

Running to catch your breath

Light and moderate physical activity has an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces asthma symptoms

Star dust

Distribution of chemical elements reveals details about the structure and evolution of the Milky Way


Aquatic robots

Five vehicles developed in the country can be remotely controlled to explore the seabed, lakes, rivers and reservoirs

Loss Control

Software will help electric power distributors reduce losses

Light and resistant

Curauá substitutes fiber glass in car parts and is one of the components of earthquake-proof beams


The color of the salt of the earth

Anthropologists are helping quilombolas get legal protection for their properties and revive traditions

The heavy burden of being a national symbol

Biography shows that celebrating Carlos Gomes actually jeopardized the composer

Women's teams

Soccer country is cruel to women who want to play but are not stereotypes of erotic females

Humorous science

Work of American cartoonist Sidney Harris is an amusing portrayal of life in laboratories