ED. 148 | JUNE 2008


Freedom to advance

Historical decision handed down by the Brazilian Supreme Court officially supports the search for the first Brazilian strain of embryo stem cells

The drunkenness of discovery

Why scientists derive so much satisfaction from their work

Pictures of preservation

Berlin exhibition shows the wealth of Brazilian biodiversity, as registered by FAPESP projects

Free zone in the desert

Arab Emirate of Dubai invests US$ 10 billion to become international center of higher education


More food and forests in the air

Plants insatiability for carbon dioxide paves the way to producing more food in less space, also easing global warming

Biological fertilizer

Bacteria replace nitrogen fertilizers as instigators of sugarcane growth

Forest in a bind

Cleaner air in the Northern Hemisphere may lead to worse droughts in the Amazon Region from 2025 onwards

The musketeers of the atomic world

The motto of fast-growing e-Science is the same as that of the heroes of the Dumas novel: one for all and all for one

A seductive dance

The behavior of the blue-backed manakin determines its genetic variability

The waves of intelligence

The pace of the brain's function may indicate improved learning ability


Space lens

A Brazilian-made camera that takes photographs of the earth to equip Chinese-Brazilian satellite Cbers-3

Open code

The use of open software grows within companies and among researchers

Inside the packaging

Company from São Paulo develops X-ray equipment to detect metal, glass and stone particles in foods


An alliance without progress

Research shows the difficulties of US-Brazil relations

Osório never had to be a nerd

Biography of this military figure reveals memory failure