ED. 149 | JULY 2008


Engineers sought

Industry associations propose doubling the number of professionals to help Brazil grow


Loss saving

Stomach reduction surgery controls obesity, diabetes, and apparently protects us from cancer

Tormented bodies

The mutation that stiffens muscles and changes posture has been identified

Almost like a red

Technique developed by Embrapa increases fourfold the levels of antioxidant compounds in white wine

The face of colonization

Asians that populated the Americas 18 thousand years ago were of great biological diversity

Life in the deep sea

Coral provides clues on the evolution of marine biodiversity over the last 65 million years

To see further

Brazilians get organized to take part in major global research projects


Green petrochemicals

Left over glycerin from biodiesel production will be used polypropylene production

Close connection

Interaction between light and polymers speeds up dentistry resin structuring and the decomposition of plastic

Bathed in light

Electronic device monitors radiation dose used to treat physiologic jaundice in newborn babies

More accurate maps

New radar provides more exact topographical data


The story of those who tell the story

Brazilian press bicentennial calls for broad reflection

Napoleon's second defeat

French mission of the Enlightenment suffered on linking royalty and slavery

A farewell ceremony

Ruth Cardoso put into practice the ideas she developed as a respected anthropologist and researcher at USP

Alchemy viewed from afar

U.S. journalist provided the password to optimism at the 20th National Forum when he stated that the future of Brazil is now