ED. 150 | AUGUST 2008


Taking a breather

Incongruous results in two different rankings open up the debate about the limits of growth in Brazilian academic production

Within the brain

The Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul has set up a research institute into neurological diseases

Under the sun of science

Unicamp attracts 12,000 people to the 60th Annual Meeting of the SBPC


Legs of lead

Competition for oxygen causes the fatigue common in cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency

Sugar, but no arthritis

A component of guar gum alleviates pain and prevents damage in the joints progressing

From fat to muscle

In the laboratory stem cells restore strength to mice with dystrophy

Sugar cane juice

International symposium discusses the direction sugar cane research is going in Brazil

The headwaters of a river

The search for the source of the Amazon River, now the longest in the world, reveals its singularity


Reverse recycling

Discarded plastic bottles are being transformed into raw material derived from oil

Protected land

In the Amazon a cultivation technique takes advantage of brushwood instead of burning it

More productive crops

New varieties of transgenic soybeans for the north and northeast of Brazil

Artificial bones

A team from USP is creating innovative solutions for surgical prostheses in bone reconstruction


"Mamma" Africa cannot be a single mother

Specialists defend the strengthening of relations between Brazil and the African continent

The eternal dilemma of treason

A study resurrects a personality who was persecuted by the Inquisition

Workers of Brazil

Doctorate traces the profile of Darcy Vargas, wife of Get