ED. 154 | DECEMBER 2008


The power of collaboration

International conference discusses technology and public policies for the production of ethanol

A center for Brazil and for the world

Mohamed Hassan, the executive director of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, advocated the establishment of an international research center in Brazil

Shared calculations

Half of the computer time on Unicamp's high performance computer was used by researchers from other states

Changes in sight

The pursuit of energy efficiency may mitigate the impact of extreme climates in Brazil

Risk rewarded

Sale of Alellyx and CanaVialis to Monsanto for US$290 million is an example of wealth creation through competitive research

Knowledge and inclusion

The first results of the projects of the Microsoft Research-FAPESP Institute aimed at seeking progress in science and social impact are released

The Obama Era

The new president promises more funding for research, a new environmental agenda and an end to the lack of transparency of the Bush era


Suffocating population

Air pollution increases the risk of death among newborns by 50% in the city of São Paulo

War in the intestines

New strategies can help fight the bacteria behind serious forms of diarrhea

In search of connections

Model with human cells indicates a path for treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

The oscillation of particles

Improved understanding of the electrons that are essential for the creation of quantum computers

A star full of mysteries

Observatories to monitor Eta Carinae's blackout

At the feet of dinosaurs

Small lizards that were around at the time of the dinosaurs hide in Brazilian forests

An unexpected forest

Richer in terms of its biodiversity, the Atlantic Rainforest is poorer than the Amazon Region when it comes to nitrogen


Total utilization

New techniques transform sugar cane straw into bio-oil, steel mill coal, silicon carbide and, in the future, ethanol

Cleaner Lungs

Unicamp licenses new equipment

Useful Residue

Sewage and Industrial Waste Provide Raw Material for the Production of Hydrogen and Electric Power


Domingos captivated Bahia

Life of emancipated slave portrays Brazil before the abolition of slavery

Is it really 'guaranteed'?

Study analyzes the language in the plays of Nelson Rodrigues