ED. 160 | JUNE 2009


A lot of heat, little light

Bias in the interpretation of data generates debate about the players involved in the increase in Brazil's scientific production

The scale of discord

Academic community criticizes the new criteria of the CAPES Qualis System

Eclectic cast

FAPESP program announces winning projects in its first call for proposals

Effort on three fronts

Agreement encourages collaboration between researchers from São Paulo, Pernambuco and France


Explosions in another world

Brazilian researcher explores volcanoes on Saturn and Jupiter moons

The entanglement formula

Group from Rio de Janeiro proposes equation that describes a reduction in the quantum phenomenon due to environmental influence

Real time diagnosis

Laser technique quickly determines the level of fat in livers for transplant

The woods are on the move

Forests and fields have advanced and receded in the country over the last 30 thousand years

Impoverished rivers

Hydroelectric power plants change the function of the Parana river and increase erosion along its banks

A little known celebrity

Adolfo Lutz team isolates the first swine flu virus samples from a Brazilian patient

Controlled response

Anti-inflammatory drugs may fight the immune system's exaggerated reaction to malaria


Hydrogen-powered buses

Bus assembled in Brazil is among the global experiments aiming at lower air pollution

Needed: cleaner air

Car running on alcohol emits 92% less composite pollutants

Selective nutrition

USP patents ice cream with added cereals and other products with beneficial additives


The dream of an Amazonian Eldorado

Brazilian archeology and the eternal quest for hidden civilizations in the Amazon Forest

The permanence of the permanent seat

Brazil's 90 years of activity in the League of Nations help reflect on the current demand of the country for reform of the UN

My dear Baby Flag!

The exchange of letters and projects between Manuel Bandeira and Gilberto Freyre