ED. 163 | SEPTEMBER 2009


Overseas expansion

Electronic library SciELO comes to South Africa and is praised in an editorial published in Science journal

Approved math

Study shows that students sharpened their mathematical skills by participating in public school Olympics

The man who calculated

Imre Simon was one of the pioneers of computer sciences and trained an entire generation of mathematicians


A jigsaw puzzle in construction

Proteins lead to the belief that schizophrenia is a biological disorder

Natural Simplicity

A new method to compare genomes may help build the tree of life

The future in a drop

Blood test allows identification and early treatment of a genetic disorder that leads to brain damage

Concentrated Risk

Nearly 60% of asymptomatic carriers of the Aids virus with resistance to drugs are in the city of São Paulo

The chemistry of memory

Dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with reward, controls the duration of memories

Open wings around the world

Lineage of hawks appeared in South America, colonized North America and spread around most of the world

Crystal clusters

Dozens of stars from a formation in the orbit of the Milky Way are made of diamonds


Tracking the light

Transcontinental transmission of high definition film inaugurates 10-gigabyte optic fiber for academic Internet

Robust hybrid

The tilapia resulting from the cross-breeding of the mutant red tilapia with the wild black tilapia grows quickly in captivity

Medicine in the hinterland

Pharmaceutical compound promises to increase the efficiency of the treatment of leishmaniasis


Brazil's history of luxury

Research study reveals the importance of consumption in the development of Brazil

Science performed courageously

Brazilian naturalists created a national scientific community before the universities did

The creation of the modern mother

Women's magazines from the 1920's were used to enhance motherhood's new role