ED. 167 | JANUARY 2010


Discord in Copenhagen

The hope of achieving a global agreement to face warming was postponed until December, at the conference in Mexico City

Embracing partnerships

FAPESP and Vale sign agreement to invest R$40 million in projects in several field of knowledge

More than a catalog

DNA barcodes identify new species and aid ecology and evolution studies


Electrifying bacteria

Microorganisms may explain the origin of the electricity found in contaminated soil

Difficult progress

Persistent poverty expands uncertainties around research into TB drugs and treatments

The hunger toll

Diet lacking in zinc reduces size and number of neurons in the digestive system

On the shark trail

Fin fragment analysis maps genetic structure of the hammerhead shark

Flowers from the past

Re-edition of a 1949 book brings back orchids and where they grew

Talent and energy

An experimental physics pioneer in Brazil, Marcello Damy set up the country's first nuclear reactor


Stellar source

House that runs on solar power takes part in international competition

Quality Bagasse

Researchers at Unicamp develop equipment that makes it easier to obtain ethanol cellulose

Protected skin

Nanoparticles involve active substances in sunscreen developed by UFRGS and Biolab

Smaller and more efficient

New formulation of drug against AIDS may facilitate treatment for children and the elderly

Versatile rubber

Latex is a raw material used in the control of obesity and in products used by diabetics


The rat robbed the robe of the Regent of Rome

Corruption, a practice as old as humankind

Brazilian theme, German accent

Project retrieves Brazilian literature of Germanic expression

A time to retell the facts

São Paulo Public Archive creates a huge website with 360,000 documents and an orientation system for professors