ED. 168 | FEBRUARY 2010


Multiple efforts

The Paulista Center for Research in Bioenergy will be set up with joint investments by the São Paulo government, state universities and FAPESP

Advanced center

Laboratory in Campinas is going to invest in the bottlenecks in cellulosic ethanol research.

SUS requirements

Research network in teaching hospitals expanded

Between the laboratory and the office

Oscar Sala combined scientific excellence and institutional leadership


Autophagy for survival

The manipulation of cellular autodigestion inspires new strategies to fight disease

Poison in the medicine

Harmful effects limit the potential therapeutic uses of curcumin

Invisible universe

Astronomers and physicists throughout the world try to find out what makes up 96% of the cosmos

Secrets under the paint

X-ray fluorescence provides intimacy to nineteenth century paintings

Special feature - Crodowaldo Pavan

The contribution to biology, scientific and technological policy and the dissemination of science


The refining of raw materials

São Paulo surfacing industry achieves high quality thanks to process innovation and special glazes

Competitive ceramics

Partnering among industries in research center results in fewer losses and higher quality products

Marine trials

Laboratory expands the study of projects for oil exploration vessels


Within the entrails of invention

Project recovers Mário de Andrade's creative path

Way beyond the vitória-régia and the vatapá

Villa-Lobos ceases to be a nationalist icon to emerge as a major modern composer

Brazil, French style

The Brazilian years (1930 to 1940) of French historian Fernand Braudel marked his life and work