ED. 170 | APRIL 2010


Energy of the future

Convention shows that Latin America will play a fundamental role in the expansion of the supply of renewable fuels

Collection multiplied

FAPESP's FAP-Books Program earmarks R$33.9 million to buy 165,000 titles

Scientists under attack

Isolated problems in the work of the IPCC fuel campaign against the panel

Stimulus for creativity

Students exhibit innovative proposals at a Fair at USP

Shared knowledge

José Mindlin, who has died aged 95, leaves a legacy for culture and science


Hidden greenery

Native vegetation in the State of São Paulo has increased over two uninterrupted decades and now covers an area similar in size to that of the1970s

Stories about dead shells

Disappearance of brachiopods and mollusks indicates environmental imbalance in oceans and rivers

Colors in the wind

Genes and fossils reveal the origin of South American butterflies

When humans make the earth quake

Water wells cause dozens of earthquakes a day in São Paulo State


Valuable antibodies

Companies and institutes in Brazil produce essential input for research

Wood out of rubber

Study shows feasibility of using the trunk of the Pará rubber tree to manufacture furniture


The Empire of innovation

Science hidden in the Itamaraty archives

Animal progress

How modernity separated man and nature in the metropolis of São Paulo

Money for democracies

Preventing corruption and ensuring competition are among the concerns in the debate to identify the best model for political funding