ED. 172 | JUNE 2010


Points of agreement

National conference seeks ways to improve science, technology and innovation policies

Diverging paths

Partnership between scientists and journalists in favor of scientific culture are still far apart

Jungle democracy

Possibility of reconciling exploitation and conservation of the forest brings government and entrepreneurs together, but faces resistance

Increasing demand for energy

Using idle land could expand biofuel and food production

Patient at the other end of the line

Smartphone tested for collecting field data to feed online medical records


The synthesis of creation

First organism controlled by an artificial genome proves that DNA really is the chemical recipe of life

The impact of transforming one life into another

Venter's technological feat spurred a media revolution like that of the cloning of the sheep Dolly in 1996

Craig Venter, a necessary good

The scientist is like a naughty boy who is after the tasty tidbits, whether this is completing the human genome as fast as possible or making a bacterium from scratch

Synthetic biology and bioenergy

How the discovery that it is possible to transfer a genome created in a lab may affect biofuel technologies

Fear in the air

Biologists identify proteins that indicate the presence of predators to mice

Halting steps

New studies show how to detect and reduce the risk of falls among the aged

The sloth's hidden friend

Mammal's fur is home to a type of symbiotic green algae not found elsewhere in nature

The secret of Perseus

Simulations help to explain the high temperature of the gas found in agglomerations in the galaxy


The brightest light

Laboratory completes project for new synchrotron light production ring

Tridimensional image

3D TV prototype does away with special glasses

Virtual convergence

Microsoft Research uses anti-spam screening logic to find vulnerable points in HIV virus

Vegetable code

A system to identify fruit and vegetables automatically


Death wish

Research discusses the polemic banzo issue as the "mortal nostalgia" of slaves

Songs that go on for ever

The tango, the bolero and the fado remain alive thanks to electronic media