ED. 175 | SEPTEMBER 2010


Networks in the spotlight

Symposium will analyze the first results of the 122 National Institutes of Science and Technology

Attracting talent

Group from the Institute of Physics at Unicamp distinguishes itself by bringing researchers from other countries. This is the first of a series of reports on the globalization of scientific research in São Paulo

Combined efforts

FAPESP resorts to a set of initiatives to make São Paulo research more competitive abroad

Denying the changes

Book shows how three physicists dedicated themselves to fighting the idea of global warming in the USA


The Sun and its sisters

Brazilians identify stars similar to the one that warms and lights up the Earth

The spinning of light

A simple technique measures the property of a beam of light that is useful for quantum computing

Family histories

Specialists track genetic syndrome in parents that might cause successive cancers

Long before the cancer

Infections and the excessive consumption of red meat may facilitate the emergence of tumors

Hidden aggressiveness

Team from Unicamp overturns the idea that there is a mild form of malaria

Health at the table

International committee gives body to research into the relation between genes and nutrition

The work of a lifetime

Book is a compilation of the studies of Vanzolini, who proposed the theory of refugees


Flexible anatomy

Bamboo, which grows very fast, has new forms and uses in Brazil

Advanced plastic

Material gains impact-related resistance and lower combustion properties

Mister IPT

Alberto de Castro, an expert on technological development, was very important for the Institute


The secret photos of professor Agassiz

Exhibition and book shed light on the controversial images made by a rival of Darwin

History in the darkness of a movie theater

Study shows the connection between cinema and the State in Brazil

Citizenship in the digital era

Electronic government grows in the country, but study identifies needs