ED. 176 | OCTOBER 2010


Preparing for the leap

Laboratory wants to attract foreigners to do research on the synchrotron light.

Excellence in a test-tube

New short courses seek to show foreign researchers the opportunities provided by operating in São Paulo

Interaction at the frontiers

Brazilian symposium brings together Brazilian, British and Chilean scientists to discuss emerging scientific topics

Rising investment

2009 Activities Report highlights the increase of FAPESP funds for grants and aid


In the bowels of the Earth

Viscous masses of rock blend together and may escape as lava in volcanic eruptions

Brazilian dinosaurs

A book tells the story of 21 species found in Brazil

At the whim of neutrinos

Unicamp team uses fleeting particle to test an idea of Galileo

More sea life

International census expands knowledge of biodiversity

Messenger of death

Molecule sends defective proteins to destruction

Remarkable little creatures

Monkeys from the Americas use sound to communicate

Reinterpreting the brain

Fred Gage, who discovered neurogenesis in adults, investigates the function of the new neurons


From field to table

Using nanotechnology to make edible films and fertilizers

Environmental engineering

New products can remove oil spills from the sea

Adding value to gas

Project is to take advantage of CO2 to grow microalgae and cyanobacteria


The color that invaded the backcountry

Mystical luxury and wealth underscore the esthetics of the cangaço banditry

Between man and nature

Dilemma between preservation and development has been constant throughout Brazilian history

A guidebook for reading Antonio Vieira

Book has 1,178 annotations to help one navigate through the sermons of the Portuguese priest