ED. 177 | NOVEMBER 2010


Multicultural environment

Group engaged in optical research at USP in São Carlos attracts students from Latin America and Europe

Green chemistry

Braskem acquires competence in biotechnology

From the lab to the media

Course in California transforms scientists into science journalists

Partial coverage

Latin American newspapers allocate little space for regional science

From carbon to test tube babies

One of the highlights of the 2010 Nobel Prize is the research conducted on graphene, in which Brazil played a pioneering role


Sudden immobility

Genetic alteration could bring about paralysis in the limbs of people with hyperthyroidism

Neurons in slow motion

Hypothyroidism protects the brain from attacks such as strokes

Climate, version 2.0

Program brings together phenomena of the atmosphere, the oceans and the earth's surface

Returning to active service

Modernized, USP's particle accelerator is continuing to decipher the behavior of exotic nuclei

Natural greenhouse

Climate changes are likely to affect the composition of tropical forests

Where mountains were born

Microscopic cracks in crystals help reconstruct the history of the Bocaina Plateau


Molecular Detective

New technique developed in Brazil identifies counterfeit money and adulterations to documents

Delivery of medical drugs

Particles deliver water-soluble drugs to the body


The universal painter of the brazilian soul

Paintings by Portinari, revealing his love of peace, return to Brazil

For whom did the snake smoke?

Studies show the importance of Brazil's participation in the Second World War

The gold of wisdom

The Royal Society, the venerable British institution, celebrates its 350th anniversary