ED. 181 | MARCH 2011


Sacred code

Study shows that french and german researchers also lose influence when they do not publish in english

Prominent among the 500 biggest

Usp ranks fifteenth in volume of publications in the leiden ranking, but its impact is still limited

Synapses without borders

Group from Unifesp encourages collaboration in studies into epilepsy. This is the seventh in a series of reports on the internationalization of scientific research in São Paulo


The Earth molded by gravity

Accurate measurements deform the perfect sphere seen from space

A slight flicker

Survey finds 900 new magnetic white dwarfs, a rare type of star

The hidden forest

Land use affects the biological diversity of the soil in the Amazon Region

Many colors, one people

European ancestry is common throughout four regions in Brazil

Data manipulation

Fraud in a study about vaccine reopens discussion about research practices


In sync with the market

Incubators invest in creativity to drive technology companies forward

Patient records on the mobile phone

Handset stores patient data for home visits

A clean smile

Studies on using LEDs against bacteria and fungi are advancing


Isn't anthropology a science?

Debate puts in check the fundaments of the subject

Re-learning to study

Research rehabilitates learning by heart in education

Is the book dead? Long live the book!

Studies reveal new reading trends with e-readers

The press vs. the government

The Democracy Network, comprised of three major newspapers, played a role in the fall of Jango