ED. 182 | APRIL 2011


Safety in the spotlight

Accident in Japan reopens the debate on the future of nuclear research

Write well or perish

Courses and services help researchers write good pieces of scientific work

The fascination with rankings

Lists of the best universities gain in popularity, despite their methodological limitations

Out of the mouths of scientists

Article by chemists from Unicamp is among the most popular in the journal, Analyst


Unexpected effect

Corticoids activate inflammation mechanisms in some areas of the brain

Mutant venoms

Animals of the same species have different venoms

The past in grains of sand

Radioactive material allows the geological origin of the beaches on the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro to be tracked

Seeds of life in space

Effect of cosmic rays may have generated molecules that formed animals and plants

Beyond geography

Hilgard Sternberg dedicated his life to understanding the relationship between man and nature


The protection of spheres

Using microcapsules to coat the pancreatic islets could become driving force for treating diabetes

Leaner biscuits

New ingredient used by industry contains no trans fat

Sugarcane juice in biocells

Energy alternative to produce electric power

Magnetism for cancer treatment

Group from the State of Minas Gerais develops new route for the production of biomedical materials


What did he want to achieve when he did this?

After 50 years, Jânio Quadros’ resignation still intrigues analysts

Documents worth their weight in gold

Brazilian researchers find philosopher's stone recipe at the Royal Society

New voices of new authors

Professionalization, the return of the author, and focus on the outskirts of Brazil's big cities underscore recent Brazilian fiction