ED. 183 | MAY 2011


The weight of the treasury

How Brazil and the United States face up to cuts in funding for science and technology

Spanish reform

New law in Spain seeks to bring together science and the production sector

Shortcuts to university

USP and Unicamp are adopting new strategies for attracting students from public schools

In English, per favore

Italian universities create courses in English to win over students from abroad

Amélia's paths

Work by the researcher ranges from physics to education, from memory to scientific policy


The limit of the forest

Group from São Paulo identifies the signs that precede successive extinction in the Atlantic rainforest

Molecules, problem and solution

Talks in April discussed alternative energy sources and climate change

Pre-Columbian fertilizers

The Indians of old in the Amazon Region contributed to the fertility of black soil

The fight against cancer

Antihypertensive medication halts growth of tumors, indicating new targets for drugs

A mirrored black hole

A cone of ions reflects the image of the mysterious object at the center of the galaxy


Successful partnership

Outside researchers help Natura to innovate

Color in fungi

Sensitive film warns consumer about food deterioration

Reinforced networks

New approach enhances internet and airport safety

Bromeliad measures pollution

Bromeliad species is used to capture heavy metals in the air


I got the winning number!

Studies analyze the power of the jogo do bicho animal game in the creation of national modernity

How to measure culture

Research study analyzes the evolution of human intelligence by using millions of digitized books

A mine of maps

Cartographic material reveals Portuguese colonial fantasies