ED. 185 | JULY 2011


Advances and challenges

Analysis shows that São Paulo has more researchers working in companies and a higher rate of graduation than Spain

New paradigms

The Bioq-FAPESP Program boosted biochemistry in the 1970s and inspired policies to promote research

The battle for pre-salt

Scientific societies go to Brasilia to try and reverse the loss of resources

War on stereotype

Unicamp students join together to increase the presence of women in engineering


The life of words

Physicists and linguist examine the evolution of the vocabulary of on-line communities

A prehistoric tapir

Western Amazonia may have harbored a now extinct herbivore species 40,000 years ago

Medicine is made of molecules

Chemical components are behind diseases, diagnoses and treatments

Unexpected butanol

Researcher extracts fuel using vacuum and contradicts established paradigm

Chickens along the River Solimões

River dwellers change a diet of fish with manioc flour for frozen poultry

When hybrids are fertile

Unlikely cross breeds can create new species of plants and animals


The increased production of vaccines

Butantan develops technology to increase production and lower costs

Artificial Heart

Device developed at the Dante Pazzanese Institute should be implanted in the first patient this year

Our children

Action by children reduces cardiovascular risks in parents

Protecting passion fruit

New early diagnostic kit for bacteria that devastates orchards

Remote Control

Small unmanned aircraft gain space in Brazil

Virtual Attendants

Facial animation system could become most intuitive means of computer interaction


Psychology from the pulpit

The colonial roots of understanding the national soul

The man of God in the court of men

Biography shows Father Vieira as a skilled political orator