ED. 192 | FEBRUARY 2012


Bio-refineries of the future

Studies reveal forecasts about the share of ethanol in agriculture and in the fuel matrix

Undesirable, but not always

The debate about the definition and control of exotic plants and animals heats up in São Paulo

1.2 million downloads per day

FAPESP’s SciELO Program has created a new level of quality and dissemination of scientific publications


The defeat of the highlanders

Computer simulation indicates that growing old can be an adaptive advantage

Superficial magic

Brazilians begin investigating a new material that promises to revolutionize electronics and computing

Controversial mammals

A study challenges the view that most of the species that are typical of the cerrado (scrubland) and the caatinga (dry forest) originated in forests

The first fracture

Movement of Gondwana almost resulted in Brazil’s Northeastern region becoming a part of Africa


Mobile connection

Increased percentage share of software for mobile telephony developed by manufacturers of handsets in Brazil

Extremely high quality

Synthetic clay eliminates waste in the processing of carbon nanotubes

Easy diagnosis

In just a few minutes the equipment tests blood for microorganisms linked to 20 diseases

Victorious path

Vladimir Airoldi, from Clorovale, exports synthetic diamond drill bits and wins an award from Finep

Beef from the forest

Colombians raise cattle in the midst of trees and inspire Brazilians


Brazil is undergoing a demographic shift

According to survey, national fertility is increasingly concentrated among adolescents

What you don´t want to be when you grow up

Research study shows that less than 3% of Latin American adolescents want to follow a scientific career

The politics that result in samba music

Musical genre was instrumental to Negro awareness in the 1970s