ED. 194 | APRIL 2012


Racing on ice

After the tragedy at their station, Brazilian researchers discuss how to product science that is more competitive in Antarctica

Discontinuous effort

Scientists and employees protest against the slashing of 23% of federal government spending on science and technology

Delicate relationships

The research contribution of São Paulo state universities to gender studies in Brazil


The ancient Amazonia in the Espirito Santo state

The Atlantic rainforest in Espírito Santo bears remnants of the Amazon Region from 7.8 thousand years ago

Backcountry strategies

The torch tail spiny rat (rabo-de-facho), the only mammal that lives in the dunes along the São Francisco River

Interrupted communication

Blocking of chemical signal emitted by the healthy version of the prion could result in Alzheimer’s disease and brain tumor treatments

The enigma of pluripotency

Specialists discuss the difficulties of controlling the differentiation process of human embryonic stem cells

The languages of psychosis

Mathematical approach shows the differences between the discourse of maniacs and schizophrenics

A loss for science

The passing away of three important Brazilian researchers

The birth of supermassive black holes

New model explains the birth of these enormous black holes that thrive at the center of galaxies


Climate and environmental connections

Geosensor systems and software to capture and analyze meteorological data

Small solutions

Optic nanofibers for the transmission of information via light waves are developed at Unicamp

Remedial shine

Dental pins with nanoparticles emit light and enable tooth recovery


The illusion of equality

In spite of the decline of inequality, the country still faces serious social issues

Tips from a distant past

Ten thousand-year old stone weapons from the State of São Paulo are different from the pre-historic artifacts found in the South

The dilemmas of the Moor of Matacavalos

A passion for Shakespeare directly influenced the novels of Machado de Assis