ED. 195 | MAY 2012


Liking and sharing

A new wave of digital tools causes an impact on the way researchers do their work

A busy brain

Advances made in the field of neuroscience were encouraged by the Foundation

Reasons for progress

Editor of the Financial Times talks about media coverage of science


From drizzle to downpour

Storms are becoming more frequent and rainfall has increased by 30% in São Paulo in 80 years

Rejuvenated rocks

Layers of the rocks in Central Brazil may be as much as 200 million years older than was thought

The mysteries of sand

New pattern in the movement of grains may improve the manufacture of materials

Conflict in the nest

Guira cuckoos live in polygamous groups where the males are related

Another solution

Combination of radiotherapy with chemotherapy avoids radical surgery in some cases of rectal cancer

Fascinated with regeneration

A liver cancer expert, Nelson Fausto was known for his ability to make friends

What young people owe Velho

The researcher from Rio de Janeiro was a pioneer of urban anthropology in Brazil


Skin-deep science

Natura works together with universities and research institutes to incorporate cutting-edge research into products

Cities in pictures

The Arquigrafia Brasil Project aims to strengthen the visual culture of architecture and urban spaces

Insect versus insect

Company breeds wasps that are used in biological control and is ranked among the world’s 50 most innovative companies


Science to create a nation

Little known presence of naturalists on the Rondon Commission helped to formalize scientific research

The rhythm of knowledge

Hip-hop is an important tool to help the school system on the outskirts of large cities

The ambassadors of the hinterlands

Diplomacy influenced the literature of Vinicius de Moraes, Guimarães Rosa and João Cabral