ED. 197 | JULY 2012


Minimum consensus

Rio+20 Summit produces lukewarm report, but moves forward on voluntary commitments


Storms of body and soul

Crises of depression and euphoria cause chemical imbalances that may damage cells and accelerate aging of the body

The sexual flexibility of females

Among lizards, males are not always necessary for reproduction

Joint treatment

Combined use of stem cells and growth factor reduces muscular dystrophy's symptoms in mice

The origin of the mountain

Alternative theory proposes that the northeastern plain was formed around 30 million years ago

The order of scarcity

Patterns discovered in a network of thousands of reservoirs in Ceará may help when it comes to facing drought and floods


Marine fertilizer

Use of limestone algae as fertilizer on cane plantations may increase productivity by as much as 50%

Produce protection

Biofilms produced from cassava, banana and quinoa protect and guarantee longer life for several foods

Beyond oil derivatives

Braskem expands markets with a polymer made from ethanol and invests in routes to biotechnology


The interior's economic relief

Study maps the process of industrial deconcentration in the State of São Paulo

Dance of the wheelchairs at the United Nations

The idea of Brazil on the Security Council, seen as a “whim” by analysts, came from the United States

Even so, sound moves

As a musician, the father of Galileo influenced his son in the search for experimental truth

Between ethics and spirit

Flávio Pierucci was one of the greatest interpreters of contemporary Brazilian religiousness