ED. 198 | AUGUST 2012


Delicate balance

Studies show that the structure of BRIC scientific communities is increasingly like that in developed countriescommunities

Intellectual references

International awards, such as the one granted granted to Fernando Henrique Cardoso, enhance the reputation of Brazil’s scientific community granted

The menu for next few years

Specialists predict a decline in the number of new diseases and plagues – and the related emergencies - resulting from climate change diseases

Cooperative atmosphere

USP, FAPESP and Marine Biological Laboratory (USA) hold pioneering courses in the countrycourses


An expanding jigsaw puzzle

Recently discovered boson might reveal the first clues to new elementary particle physics

Wandering DNA

Fragments of genetic material move from one place to another according to a non-random pattern

The human factor

Brazil Nut trees might be the result of actions by indigenous peoples before the arrival of the European colonizers


Mining expansion

Vale celebrates its 70th anniversary by investing in long-term projects with a focus on mining and sustainable development

Buoys at sea

Floating data collection equipment goes into operation this year


Between academia and the artist’s studio

Anatomical drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, unheard-of for many centuries, reveal his attempt to combine art and science

A country is made out of people, health and illnesses

Forced eradication programs from abroad influenced the construction of the Brazilian State

Realism boiled in revolt

The work of writer João Antônio is still an accurate portrayal of the fringes of society in the big cities