ED. 199 | SEPTEMBER 2012


One country, two models

State expenditure on research and development reveals the gap between São Paulo and other states in Brazil

Calculated risk

Workshop on weather extremes exposes the challenge of converting scientific information into disaster prevention

Scientific dissemination expands

Agência FAPESP passes the 100,000 subscribers mark

Time for research

Scientists discuss how to cut the weight of bureaucracy


Struggling with the sun

Researchers, doctors and residents of a village get together to control a hereditary disorder aggravated by exposure to daylight

On satiation and other pleasures

Cells at the base of the brain control hunger and activate the neural reward mechanisms

The cougar's paths

Felines are able to move around in regions occupied by human beings, but highways are an obstacle

Life protected by armor

The Northern Region of Paraguay might have the highest diversity of fossils of the earliest animals with skeletons

Cleaner sugarcane fields

Emissions of the most hazardous greenhouse gas by sugarcane plantations are lower than previously estimated

The value of impurities

Brazilians discover new family of materials that conduct electricity without losing energy

Meeting of Nobel laureates

City on Lake Constance in Germany brings together laureates to inspire new generations of scientists


The transformation of insects

A transgenic mosquito and an irradiated mosquito are the new anti-dengue fever weapons

A time for batteries

Lithium-based equipment developed in São Paulo to drive vans

Flexible illumination

New kinds of organic lamps and photovoltaic cells are being developed at a research center in the State of Minas Gerais


Vocation for greatness and for problems

Rapidly adopted globalization in São Paulo has degraded the city’s urban and social characteristics

Forbidden pages

List of books censored by the military regime after the AI-5 act reveals criteria of the confiscation

Criticizing and building

Amaury de Souza contributed to the establishment of political science in Brazil